Longview is a non-charter code city and on March 14, 1968 adopted the council/ manager form of government. This form of government relies on the belief that policy-making and administrative functions should be kept separate. The council, which determines policy and is politically responsible for its actions, appoints a city manager as the chief administrator.

The manager is accountable to the council. Full details of the council/manager form of government can be found in Chapter 35A.13 of the Revised Code of Washington (RCW). All members of the council are elected at large to represent the entire city and serve for four-year terms.

Council positions No. 1-4 are elected during one election year, while positions No. 5-7 are elected two years later during the next elections. In both the primary race and in the general election, citizens vote for all council positions listed on the ballot.

At the first Longview City Council meeting of each even-numbered year, a mayor is elected by the council members. Although the mayor is recognized as head of the city for ceremonial purposes, he /she does not have any administrative duties.

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