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Thanks to You…
Posted Date: 6/15/2017
A grateful community contributed over $10,000 for the placement of memorial monuments at the RA Long Park Civic Center in Longview to honor the city’s fallen veterans. More than 150 guests attended the Memorial Day ceremony where the monuments were unveiled. If you were unable to attend the ceremony, you may watch it on KLTV, who filmed it in its entirety. There is also a wonderful video set to music available on the web page. Click on “city videos” on the left-hand side of the homepage and select the Memorial Day video. also has the program posted which has names of all of those who participated to make the Memorial Day ceremony a huge success.

A heartfelt thank you to the donors who made this possible: The City of Longview; American Legion Post 150; VFW Post 1045; The Daily News; Columbia Auto Group; Fibre Federal Credit Union; Kelso/Longview Chamber of Commerce; Stirling Honda; Scott Vydra; Andrew Hamilton; Jeff & Trisha Wilson; Stephen & Tammy Ramseth; Thomas & Beverly Anderson; Bill & Donna Kasch; Lawrence & L.D. Smith; Wayne & Karen Rogers; Karen Sherman; Mike & Kelly Wallin; Jim & Cheryl Stonier; Dennis & M. Chris Wallace; Ned & Sue Piper; John Brickey; Larry & Leanna Geiger; Gary & Maria Boelter; Rick & Lorraine Little; Randall & Noreen Lake; Charles Havens & Sharon Ray; Donald & Gavin Jean Mills in memory of David Aasen; Charles Havens & Sharon Ray; Hans Schaufus; Terry Axt.

The success of this endeavor is due to the efforts of many people. A special thank you to Sharon Walker at the Monticello Hotel for the refreshments; Maureen Wingler of the Mayor’s Office for the preparation of the program; Jennifer Wills and staff from the Parks & Recreation Department for setting up and cleaning up the seating area for the ceremony; numerous other City of Longview officials and staff; Sandy Rountree for her countless hours of research of the names of the fallen veterans; Maria Boelter, on behalf of the Cowlitz County Veterans Service Center, for her assistance throughout the process.

We were very fortunate to have the Patriot Guard Riders, who travelled from far and wide, to participate in honor of our fallen veterans.
The monuments were made and erected by Gary and Sharon Plumb of Lower Columbia Monument. A very special thank you to them for the wonderful monuments they created. Please take a few moments to reflect on the names of those who died for our freedom which are inscribed on the monuments 

(78 WWII, 6 Korean War, 22 Viet Nam, and 1 Afghanistan fallen veteran)--many were from RA Long and Mark Morris High School. 

Bill Kasch & Committee