News Review
City of Longview Urban Forestry Division requests citizen partnership to care for new trees
Posted Date: 8/7/2018
The City of Longview Urban Forestry Division is reaching out for participation from citizens to help care for Longview’s urban forest and specifically the newest trees. Each fall the City plants 300 new trees into the streetscape and the first two years of growth are the most crucial to their long-term health. High temperatures and extended periods of dry weather can be detrimental to newly planted trees as their roots are still in the process of establishing.

The Urban Forestry Division is going around town placing green gator bags at the bottom of newly planted trees. Gator bags are filled with water and provide moisture slowly to the root system of the trees throughout the day that helps reduce water runoff or evaporation. The Parks Department has gator bags available for citizen use to help provide water to newly planted street trees in front of your home. Call 360.442.5421 and the department will work with you to get a gator bag.

The amount of water a tree needs depends on many factors, including the age and species of the tree, the time of year, weather and soil type. As a rule, newly planted and young trees require more frequent watering than older, well-established trees. But during extended periods of drought, all trees benefit from supplemental watering.

Trees play an incredible role in the community including providing social, communal, environmental, and economic benefits and enhancing our quality of place. The larger the tree, the more benefits it provides.

The City of Longview is celebrating 34 consecutive years as a Tree City, USA. Community involvement and partnership will help our urban forest thrive now and for future generations.

For additional information, visit the website under the Urban Forest Program tab or contact Parks and Recreation Director Jennifer Wills at 360.442.5400.