About Fleet Services

Fleet Service provides automotive maintenance, fuel, and two-way radio service to 23 internal customer departments and divisions, including the Cowlitz Transit Authority. This wide variety of equipment includes such items as: backhoes, loaders, mowers, police cars, sedans, light trucks, heavy trucks, trailers, radios, and electrical systems. Repairs and preventative maintenance performed on City vehicles and equipment are based on manufacturer’s recommendations and work use. Minor repairs, hydraulic work, welding, and fabrication are also included in the services provided by Fleet Services, on over 270 pieces of equipment.

The equipment rental reserve replacement program provides for timely replacement of outdated or worn-out equipment on an established schedule. Equipment is replaced in accordance with policy direction, available funds, operational efficiency, and cost information.

Keith Walling, Fleet Manager - 442.5600

Fleet Manager administers, manages, and supervises the acquisition, maintenance and disposal of the City’s vehicles and support equipment. The position also: provides and maintains a safe and economical vehicle fleet for all City departments and divisions; prepares and monitors the annual budget for fleet preventative maintenance and repair operations, and vehicle replacement; supervises the Fleet Focus computer system that runs our City of Longview fleet and coordinates services for Cowlitz Transit Authority.

Shop Foreman - 442.5601

Shop Foreman is responsible for preventive maintenance (PM) on City vehicles and equipment to ensure reliable and safe operating conditions. Maintains a PM schedule in Fleet Focus for every vehicle in the City fleet and provides assistance to the mechanics when needed. Supervises and schedules three mechanics and purchases all parts and equipment to run an active shop. The position also coordinates all accident repairs for the City of Longview and the Cowlitz Transit Authority. (Automotive Service Excellence Certified (ASE) by the National Institute with both Master Automobile Technician and Medium/Heavy Truck Technician Certifications)

Heather Johnson, Fleet Management Specialist - 442.5602

This position maintains the Fleet Focus computer system and all related activities relating to vehicle information and retrieval. Coordinates the various hardware and software relative to operation of the key lock fuel system with fuel purchase and inventory. Prepares monthly billing reports for each customer departments and coordinates with Finance. Assists Fleet Manager with the purchase of new equipment. Assists in the development and preparation of accounting reports, replacement schedules, and bid documents. Maintains vehicle accident costs and information for the WCIA website. Coordinates and administers day-to-day activities involving vehicle licensing, radio repair, surplus vehicles, crystal reports depreciation schedules, and claim vouchers.

Mechanics - 442.5601

Job responsibilities under this classification include: diagnosing and repairing mechanical and electrical failures, as well as established preventive maintenance tasks, in a wide variety of light-, medium-, and heavy-duty municipal and transit vehicles and equipment to ensure safe, reliable, and efficient operating conditions. Conducts functional diagnostic and repair on equipment such as gasoline and diesel engines, drive trains, transmissions, brakes, suspension, exhaust systems, hydraulic systems, wheel chair lifts, and specialty chassis-mounted equipment. Performs both electric and oxygen-acetylene welding.

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