Downtown Streetscape Improvement Project

Contributors to the 2011 Longview Downtown Action Agenda—both residents and business owners —made clear that they wanted downtown to be a better place to visit, live, shop, and run a business. The Action Agenda identified a safe and attractive Commerce Avenue area as a downtown destination point that can strengthen the downtown economy. You can help move this vision to reality. The City of Longview is developing a plan to improve the appearance, safety, and accessibility of our downtown with enhancements like better street lighting, new sidewalks, benches, landscaping, public art, and outdoor gathering places to make the area more attractive for visitors, shoppers, bicyclists, and pedestrians.

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Tennant Way Streetscape Improvement Project

The segment of Tennant Way from 7th Avenue to its intersection with 15th Avenue near Lake Sacajawea can be considered a gateway to Longview because Tennant Way is the primary entry route into the city from Interstate 5. A new project funded by the City of Longview will advance this gateway vision by developing a conceptual design that manages stormwater runoff with low impact development (LID) techniques while enhancing the appearance of the street. LID is an innovative stormwater management approach that utilizes permeable pavements, rain gardens, and other natural drainage practices to filter, detain, and infiltrate runoff close to its source. This conceptual plan will consider using some curbside parking and median areas for attractive landscaping that can capture and treat stormwater. In addition, the design will offer ideas for improved street lighting and enhanced pedestrian crossings.

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Beech Street Streetscape Improvement Project

Work to improve stormwater drainage beneath the Beech Street median between 21st and 28th avenues will replace an aging culvert, improve the management of stormwater runoff in the area, and improve public use of the 60-foot wide median. The City of Longview is considering including low impact development (LID) techniques, such as stormwater rain gardens and natural drainage systems, in the design along with traffic calming and pedestrian improvements and a park-like median that could host open space and passive recreation. The project also includes the development of conceptual streetscape designs for Beech Street and 30th Avenue between Oregon Way and Washington Way. The Highlands Neighborhood Revitalization Plan was the origin of many of the design elements that are being considered.

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Last updated: 8/4/2014 4:02:56 PM