Code Compliance

Welcome to the City of Longview's Code Compliance Division.

Our Mission

It is the mission of our community development, code compliance to apply the civil laws of the city of Longview relating to nuisance abatement in an impartial, professional, and respectful manner to obtain voluntary compliance, and preserve the public peace, health, safety, and welfare.

Improving Our Community

We help maintain or improve the quality of our community by:

  • Administering a fair and unbiased enforcement program to correct violations of municipal codes and land use requirements.
  • Working with residents, neighborhood associations, public service agencies and other City of Longview departments to:
    • Develop public outreach programs.
    • Empower community self-help programs.
    • Establish community priorities for the enforcement program.


Code Compliance is administered by the following:

Enforcing Various Regulations

The Code Compliance Division enforces various regulations, including:

  • Blight on private and public properties (discarded furniture, car parts, appliances, etc.)
  • Building Code violations (building, plumbing, electrical, mechanical, etc.) including construction or change of occupancy without permits.
  • Conditions of an existing structure that constitutes a clear and present danger to the public.
  • Graffiti.
  • Illegal dumping.
  • Inoperable vehicles on private property.
  • Longview Property Maintenance Code (minimum standards for safe and sanitary housing)
  • Overgrown vegetation, hazardous weeds on private, developed properties.
  • Signs, including signs in the public right-of-way, failure to have required permits, illegal inflatable displays, and balloons.
  • Swimming pool fences
  • Zoning Ordinance requirements for structures (such as use, location, configuration, and size) and land use requirements.
  • Lost or abandoned shopping carts.

Code Compliance Program Brochure

The Longview Code Enforcement Division issues 1,000 violations a year within the Longview city limits. In addition to possibly affecting neighboring property values, these violations can also affect the appearance and safety of our community. To keep our residents up to date, we have put a brochure together that not only lists the top 10 code violations but other common violations as well, such as exterior wall and roof violations, window violations and obscured public facilities. 

View the Code Compliance Program - Our Top 10 Violations and How to Avoid Them (PDF) or use the Feedback link to request a copy.

More Information

To serve you better, we have compiled common information that residents often require plus created an easy way for you to communicate with us. If you do not find what you are looking for, go ahead, ask a question, request a service, or give us some feedback at Ask Longview. We are here to serve you!

Code Compliance Division

Code Compliance responds to citizens’ concerns about City code complaints, which include land use and property maintenance and nuisance issue. In addition to inspecting and notifying property owners of non-compliance with City codes, staff provides information to assist property owners in resolving compliance issues.

For more information specific to Code Compliance, please call 360-442-5087 and your inquiry will be forwarded to the appropriate department official.