Letter 1 - Your Inner Child - 6.29.2015

Letter from the Director

My name is Jennifer Wills and I would like to announce that my inner child and I are best friends. On a side note, I am also a self-appointed unofficial playground tester and have proven that all of Longview playgrounds are fun! My inner child and I are in constant daily pursuit of something fun, healthy, and active to do! I am very grateful we have a lot of those opportunities here in our community.

If all of that sounds crazy to you, maybe you just haven't been introduced to your inner child? Or, maybe they got lost on your way to adulthood? Can you remember the last time you invited them out to play?

Your inner child is the part of you that wants to play, to explore the unexplored, pretend the ground is lava, and throw caution to the wind when performing an air guitar solo. Why? Because it's fun, should there be any another reason? Your inner child wants to play for the sake of play, to run solely to feel the wind in their face and not because you need to fit in a workout. They are the part of you that when you walk by a puddle they whisper go ahead, jump in. It’s the voice that cries this isn't a stick, it’s a magical wand. It’s the fun playful side of you that usually goes unnoticed or ignored in the everyday hustle and bustle. It’s the voice that sadly stays muffled and unheard so that more important things can be accomplished. We at Longview Parks and Recreation are here to tell you that the earth will not cease to turn if you take a mental break from your stresses and engage in a few minutes of play. Actually, it’s proven that play can lower stress levels and help you remain focused.

We know you are busy, we are all busy… and I truly appreciate the time you take out of your busy life to read the emails we send out. We think taking some time to play should be just as important (or even more important) as scheduling other things on your to-do lists.

We urge you to experiment and try out this crazy phenomenon. The benefits are endless! Take the time to create, time to giggle, time to learn something new, time to engage with family and nature, time to let go of the stresses of the outside world and take part in an imaginary tea party or rock concert. Recreation is the renewal of life and a time to re-energize. Our amazing staff’s goal is to provide opportunities for you to have fun, be active, and engage with the people and world around you. Try it out! You won’t be sorry - We promise! Give yourself the gift by finding the time you need to do it!

Can your inner child come out to play?

Let Longview Parks and Recreation help you find your inner child.

Jennifer Wills
Director, Playmaker
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