Letter 5 - There's Just Not an App for That

Letter from the Director

There’s just not an app for that…

As we look forward to next week as the unofficial kick off of the holiday season (although some stores indicated that it started way back on October 1st), we would like to remind you that this is when lifelong memories are created. This time of year family and friends gather together to share food, each other’s company, and hopefully a lot of cheer and laughter and there’s just not an app for that.

If you can’t be with loved ones this holiday season, choose a phone conversation over a text message. If you are fortunate enough to be surrounded by friends or family, take a photo to capture the moment but please don’t dwell too long. Do what you need to do with that photo and then put the phone/device down.

Put it down….
For good conversation,
For time for reflection,
For remembering what you are thankful for,
For soaking in a sunrise or sunset,
For being present,
For focusing on your children, friends, and family,
For playing with four-legged friends,
For creating memories,
For all of these moments,

there’s just not an app for any of them.

Find something that is engaging (extra points if it’s active) to do as a family and declare a device free hour or zone. You just might be amazed with how much fun you can truly have when you give yourself fully to the moment.

Gather your friends and family and grab a board game, take a walk, play on a playground, register for the turkey trot, play flag football, visit one of Longview’s 17 parks, spark up an actual conversation. It doesn’t matter what it is as long as you do it together. Create the type of memories that no matter where you go or what stage in life you are in, you can look back and give pause to a smile while you remember.

Let us cheer for more face to face interaction and less faces bent over phones.

Be engaged, be present, be active, be happy. There’s just not an app for that- the things that truly matter

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Longview Parks and Recreation

Inspired by a writing by the founder of Title Nine Clothing, Miss Park.