Letter 6 - Falling off the Wagon

City of Longivew Parks and Recreation

Falling Off the Wagon

Just Hop Back on, No Big Deal!

The Beauty of a New Day...

Maybe you didn't eat so healthy during the Super Bowl and maybe the day after that as well. Maybe this past weekend you couldn't talk yourself into working out or finishing that household project. Maybe yesterday you had a full-on case of the Mondays. Maybe it's just been an all-around bad start to February.

Well, today is a new day. A day to do something different, to restart. There is no reason that yesterday has to define you, you aren't forced to make the same choices. You can fall off the wagon, and jump right back on. It doesn't have to spiral out of control. Set your mind to do something different and you will! Dwell on yesterday and you might as well condemn yourself to doing the same thing. You only truly fail when you quit trying.

No matter how many mistakes or how slow the progress, you are still far ahead of those who aren't trying.

Today is a new day...every day is a new day, that's the beauty of it. And if you haven't noticed yet, today is beautiful.

If need ideas or options or a hand up to get back on the wagon, we can help!

-Jennifer Wills
Director Parks and Recreation

Your life doesn't get better by chance, it gets better by change.