Letter 7 - Finding the Time

City of Longivew Parks and Recreation

Our Volunteers

To all of our volunteers, partners, and sponsors- our work would not be possible without all you do! We appreciate your dedication to our mission of creating a healthy community by providing high-quality park and recreation services to everyone. Each and everyone one of you brings a variety of skills, energy, enthusiasm, and support. Your contributions not only mean a lot to the Parks and Recreation Team, but to our amazing community and its members. Please accept a huge virtual round of applause from the community and us!

Our Community

The City of Longview has so many great things to offer and one of those great things it offers is YOU! We appreciate the overwhelming support and participation in the programs we provide. Without you, we would have just a lawn for the concerts at the lake, empty after school programs, quiet ballparks… you get the picture… We are here to help make you and your family happier, healthier, and more playful. Thank you so much for joining us on our fun ride!


Our staff is amazing! From the program coordinators to the arborists to the greens mowers to the after school staff and everyone in between, thank you! We love what we do and it shows! I want to personally thank everyone (and this goes beyond just our staff) who shows up every day to help make our city a better place to live, work, and play!

Pay It Forward

Now think about those people in your life who make a difference for you. Stop what you are doing right now and send them a text, message them on Facebook.... and if you are feeling really crazy- Pick up the phone and call them.

Everyone appreciates being appreciated!

Work hard, play harder, make a difference, REPEAT!!

Jennifer Wills