Letter 10 - The "Get To" Effect

City of Longview Parks and Recreation

Communication, Mindset, & Energy

One way we communicate is through words. The words we choose create a mindset. From that mindset, we determine where we want to place our energy.

I bring this up because small changes in how we communicate with ourselves and others can make a profound difference.

Saying I have to, you have to, we have to… sounds forced, removes choice, and feels disingenuous.

Saying I get to, you get to, we get to… is voluntary, empowers the user, and feels far more positive.

One simple word substitution can change an entire mindset and create a shift in energy.

Think about a time when you were told “you have to do something” either at home, work, or school and the type of emotion that can evoke. The tendency is to be resistant, resentful, and you are most likely not going to give it the energy it deserves.

This works with self-talk too, you don’t have to exercise today - you get to go for a run! You don’t have to be on a diet - you get to eat healthy! You don’t have to play with your kids on the playground - you get to spend time making memories!

We all only have so much time to expend energy on this earth. Eleanor Roosevelt said Today is the oldest you’ve ever been, and the youngest you’ll ever be again. Energy is going to be expended, positive or negative, and you get to choose where you spend your energy each day.

So why do we care so much about your word choices at Longview Parks and Recreation?

Saying I have to live or work in Longview versus I get to live or work in Longview could change our entire community’s mindset to focus energy on more positive things.

We at Parks and Recreation don't have to go to work…

We get to make a difference each day!

You get to do the same.