Letter 11 - We Can't Do It Alone

City of Longview Parks and Recreation

Your City, My City, Our City

Letter from the Director

We can’t do it alone. It takes a village to make a village.

I love Longview. I know it has its faults and issues, but there is far more good than there is bad if you are willing to shift your focus on the positive - you might just be surprised by how awesome it actually is when you take the time to notice.

So that’s why I get so upset when people complain to me about Longview. I will ask them to be more specific about why they feel our city is so terrible.

Once they finish complaining about this problem and that problem, my next question is what have you done to change that? Sadly, very rarely have I had anyone have an answer. I usually get well…. Ummm…. Yeah… or even worse - silence - blank stares - crickets…

Complaining is like a rocking chair, it gives you something to do, but it doesn’t get you anywhere. Complaining helps identify an issue, but that’s about it.

If I could institute a worldwide rule it would be: if you are not willing to step in and do something to help change, you are no longer allowed to complain. Our world would either be a lot quieter - or we’d have a lot more vocal people stepping up to the challenge.

Whether its time, talent, resources, networking, or money - everyone has something to give. There are just as many ways to give as there are needs to be met both locally and globally.

Where I think people get scared or hung up is that we focus too much on what we feel we must give up to give, instead of focusing on the benefit it provides. I can speak from experience that giving not only benefits those on the receiving end, but it is incredibly intrinsically rewarding to the giver.

So when you think about our amazing little town and you identify an opportunity for change - get involved, join a task force, volunteer, make your passion your purpose.

We can’t do it alone - but we can do it together.