Letter 15 - Director's Orders

Prescription for unstructured play deficiency disorderEveryone wants a quick fix or a magic pill to resolve what ails them. Usually, there is no such thing… until now!!

We’ve got a prescription that can fix boredom, reduce obesity, combat symptoms of depression, increase community connectedness, decrease anxiety, diminish seasonal affective disorder, and so much more!

Unstructured Play Deficiency Disorder affects us all - any age and at any time… and can be harmful to your health. Thankfully, we here at Longview Parks and Recreation are here to help.

Recommended - 60 minutes daily


Although 60 minutes daily is recommended, that is considered the minimum. You will not overdose on unstructured play, but the side effects may increase.

Side Effects

Laughter which can lead to stomach pain, weight loss due to increased activity, accidental bonding with family and friends, over-consumption of fresh air and sunlight, increased fun and/or happiness, contagious smiling, inner child revival, freedom from your mobile device, children who sleep well at night, a joyful prosperous community.


As with all other unstructured play, if your smile lasts for more than 4 hours, call your friends and family to join in and play.


Play can occur in any weather and in any and all locations, no need to stop due to outside influences.

All you need is 60 minutes, 4% of your entire day, to help change your outlook. It doesn’t need to cost anything and the benefits are endless.

Join us today in your commitment to play.

Remember, it’s good for your health!