Public Works

Longview's Public Works Department provides public services to the Longview community and its citizens.


Public Works is responsible for the following related to the City's infrastructure systems:

  • Administering
  • Constructing
  • Designing
  • Maintaining
  • Planning


The Public Works Department consists of nine divisions that work together to provide high quality services to the Longview community:


Public Works Department

Public Service Announcement

Changes to the Traffic Signal System

Have you noticed that the City of Longview has updated the signals along Washington Way and 15th Avenue?

New features that you may notice:

• Left turn arrows. The left turn arrows now have four distinct modes:

o Steady Red Arrow: Drivers turning left must stop and wait

o Steady Yellow Arrow: The left-turn signal is about to turn red. Drivers prepare to stop.

o Flashing Yellow Arrow: Yield to oncoming traffic and pedestrians and then turn left when safe to do so. Oncoming traffic has a green light.

o Steady Green Arrow: Drivers can proceed with the left turn. Oncoming traffic has a red light and must stop.

• Lead Pedestrian Interval. This feature retimed the walk signals to give pedestrians four seconds to advance into the crosswalk before turning traffic gets a green light. This feature should make crossing pedestrians more visible to drivers that are turning.

• Yellow Retroreflective Tape surrounds the new traffic signal heads. The intent is to improve the visibility of the signal head at night.

These features have all been added to your traffic signal system to improve safety at our intersections.

Additionally we have installed new traffic detection cameras and radio communication equipment at the intersections.

What’s next?

In the fall of 2020 the City will be making similar upgrades to the signals on Ocean Beach Highway between 9th and 32nd Avenues. At that time we will be installing a software system to allow the traffic department improved communication with signals. Lastly, once the new signals are in place and operational we integrate new signal timing plans.

In the end, these improvements should increase safety and improve the flow of traffic on three of our major corridors.