2016 Interlocal Agreements

The City of Longview works cooperatively with other jurisdictions to deliver convenient services in a cost-effective way. Interlocal agreements spell out the terms of such arrangements. The city now makes those agreements available for online viewing, starting with interlocal agreements established in 2016.

If the agreement you are looking for is not listed, please contact the City Clerk’s Office at 360-442-5041.

Resolution 2165
Parks and Recreation
Department of Natural Resources
Interagency Agreement between the City of Longview and the Department of Natural Resources regarding trails and park work (PDF)         
Resolution 2168
Public Works
Cowlitz PUD
Interlocal Agreement regarding replacement of 20th and Ocean Beach Water Main (PDF)
Resolution 2170
Public WorksLongview School District        Interlocal Agreement for Installation of a Traffic Signal at 15th Avenue and Mark Morris Court (PDF)
Resolution 2171
Public WorksBeacon Hill Water and Sewer District  Interlocal Agreement for Replacement of Beacon Hill Water and Sewer District Hillside Pump Station (PDF)
Resolution 2181
PoliceCowlitz CountyInterlocal Agreement between the City of Longview, Washington and the County of Cowlitz, Washington - 2016 Bryne Justice Grant (JAG) Program Award (PDF)
Resolution 2183
Library    City of KelsoInterlocal Services Agreement Between the City of Longview and the City of Kelso to Establish a Pilot Project for Reciprocal Library Borrowing (PDF)
Resolution 2188
Community & Economic Development     City of Kelso  Interlocal Agreement Between the Cities of Longview and Kelso, Washington Relating to Creation of a Master Wayfinding Signage System (PDF)
Resolution 2190
Public Works    Cowlitz PUDInterlocal Agreement Regarding Ownership of the R.A. Long Park Lights (PDF)
Resolution 2191
Public WorksCity of Kelso; Cowlitz County; CDID Number 1 Interlocal Agreement for Stormwater Public Education and Outreach (PDF)
Resolution 2195
Public WorksCowlitz Transit AuthorityInterlocal Agreement for Public Transportation Services (PDF)