Home Occupations

The City of Longview does require a business license to operate a home occupation within the city. The business license fee is $50 a year and businesses are required to pay a quarterly business and occupation tax of 2/10 of 1% of revenue received ($2 for every $1,000 received) for providing services, or 1/10 of 1% of revenue received ($1 for every $1,000 received) for other home occupations.


Home occupations are permitted within the following zones:

  • Mobile/Manufactured Homes Subdivision District, M-S-H
  • Planned Unit Development, PUD
  • Residential District, R-1
  • Residential District, R-2
  • Residential District, R-3
  • Residential District, R-4
  • River Front District, RF-1
  • Traditional Neighborhood Residential District, TNR

Home Occupations

Home occupations shall adhere to the following standards:

  • Requirements. Home occupations shall not be permitted without a business license having first been issued in accordance with LMC Title 5. All home occupations shall comply with all applicable ordinances of the city, and shall be consistent with the following provisions:
    • Home occupations located in the principal residence are restricted to not more than 30% of the usable floor area of the dwelling in which they are located. The principal use of the dwelling must remain residential
      • For the purposes of this section, “usable floor area” is defined as the finished living space in a dwelling unit but not including a cellar or garage.
    • A detached accessory building may be used for home occupations; provided, that the total area devoted to the home occupation cannot exceed 30% of the usable floor area of the principal dwelling unit. Further, the total area devoted to a home occupation use in either the principal dwelling unit or an accessory building (or a combination thereof) shall not exceed 30% of the usable floor area of the principal residence
    • Only persons residing in the dwelling may be engaged in the home occupation
    • The conduct of any home occupation, including but not limited to the storage of goods and equipment, shall not reduce or render unusable required off-street parking
    • On-site retail sale of goods not produced, processed or fabricated on the premises is prohibited, unless the sale of items is incidental to a permitted home occupation (e.g, a barber shop that sells hair-care products, etc.). No goods or merchandise shall be displayed such that they are visible from public rights-of-way or adjacent properties
    • Home occupations shall not be permitted where they involve the construction of features and exterior modifications not customarily found in a dwelling and residential neighborhood as determined by the director
    • No stock-in-trade or merchandise is to be kept on the premises other than inventory and incidental supplies which are necessary for the conduct of the home occupation. Outdoor storage that is visible from a public right-of-way or adjacent properties, that exceeds what is customary for a residence, is prohibited
    • No noise, dust, odors, noxious fumes or vibrations resulting from a home occupation shall exceed that which is normally produced in a single-family dwelling. Mechanical or electronic equipment incidental to the conduct of a home occupation may be used, provided such use does not create visible or audible interference in radio, television or telecommunication receivers or transmitters, or cause fluctuations in line voltage off the premises. Home occupations shall not interfere with the delivery of utilities or other services to the area
    • Any type of repair or assembly of vehicles or equipment with an internal combustion engine or of large appliances or any other work related to automobiles and their parts is prohibited
    • A home occupation may not serve as headquarters or dispatch centers where employees come to the site and are dispatched to other locations
    • No more than two vehicles may be used in association with the home occupation. The maximum size of the vehicles used in association with the home occupation is a light truck. Light trucks are trucks or similar vehicles with a single rear axle
    • One sign is permitted to advertise the home occupation; however, such sign shall be no larger than two square feet in area, nonilluminated, and must be attached to the dwelling. (Ordinance 3182 § 7, 2011; Ordinance 3122 § 15, 2010).

Additional Information

Businesses located in the mobile home and trailer parks must have the approval of park manager. If you have any questions about any of these regulations, please contact the City of Longview Community Development Department. 

View the 19.22.030 home occupations guidelines.