Utility Rates

Billing Due Dates/Delinquency/Shut Off 

Bills are due when rendered and past due 15 days after the date of the billing. If the account is still unpaid 30 days after the billing date a $25 charge will be applied to your bill and a notice of disconnect will be mailed. Payment must be received prior to the date on notice to avoid disconnection of services. 

If services have been disconnected, a $50 fee plus outstanding balance needs to be paid to restore service If service has to be turned off, an additional $50 is assessed and all unpaid and delinquent charges have to be paid before water service can be restored. For service which has been disconnected, payment must be received at Longview City Hall by 3 p.m. to restore service that day. Please call our Utility Customer Service at phone 360-442-5099 with any inquiries.

Water Conservation

The City of Longview Water Department understands that customers have different water needs, but all customers are encouraged to practice water conservation by repairing leaks promptly and using water wisely.

Utility Payment

The City of Longview is pleased to offer customers several convenient payment methods. Visit our Utility Payments page to learn more. For additional information on any of the City's payment alternatives, please contact the Utility Division at 360-442-5099.

Utility Taxes

A utility tax in the amount of 14.5 percent is calculated on the gross revenue on each of the utilities we provide for those accounts located inside city limits.

  1. Inside City Limits
  2. Outside City Limits

Base Rate:

  • Garbage: $19.34
  • Sewer: $34.82
  • Stormwater: $14.50
  • Water: $16.70
  • Utility Tax: 14.5% 

Water Consumptive Charges

In addition to the base water rate shown above, the following rates shall be charged for metered water consumed:

  • 14.5% utility tax is added to inside City services
  • For the first 800 cubic feet or any portion thereof - ($3.53 per 100 cubic feet)
  • For the next 800 cubic feet - ($4.11 per 100 cubic feet)
  • For consumption over 1,600 cubic feet - ($5.37 per 100 cubic feet)

Sewer Consumptive Charges

In addition to the base sewer rate shown above, the following rates shall be charged for sewer service:

  • 14.5% utility tax is added to inside City services
  • Monthly consumptive charges shall be $5.78 per 100 cubic feet multiplied times the customer’s average metered water consumed per month during the previous winter season billing periods.
  • Residential customers who do not have a complete billing cycle water consumption history will be charged $5.67 per hundred cubic feet multiplied by the metered water consumed, up to a maximum of 12 cubic feet per month, until such time as consumption history is established as specified in Resolution Number 2385, section 1B1 (b).