Longview Online Maps

Longview Online Maps is a public mapping application that provides information about the City of Longview from a spatial perspective. Enter a street address in the search window to locate a particular property or select on the Layer List widget to view the following GIS layers:

  • Bike and Walking Trails
  • Bike Routes - Posted Only
  • Bus Routes and Stop Locations
  • City Boundary Line
  • Fire Districts
  • Hydrant Flushing Zones
  • Land Use
  • Mint Farm Industrial Park
  • Neighborhoods
  • Parcels/Tax Lots
  • Park and Recreation Sites
  • Public Schools
  • Sewer Infrastructure
  • Snow Plow Routes
  • Storm Water Infrastructure
  • Street and Highway Network
  • Trash/Recycling Pick Up days
  • Truck Routes
  • Water Infrastructure
  • Zoning

For detailed application usage, select the “i” Information widget located in the top right corner of the mapping site.


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