Special Provisions & Standard Drawings


Anyone using the City of Longview Standard Plans and Specifications for design or construction shall be responsible for assuring that the latest revisions are utilized. These revisions are located and available on the City of Longview website and/or can be purchased on CD in PDF format at either City Engineering Department. (A table of contents will accompany the revisions and will show the revision date for any standards that have been changed.)

  1. Special Provisions
  2. Sanitary Sewer Details
  3. Storm Drain Details
  4. Street Details
  5. Traffic Details
  6. Water Details
  7. Erosion Control Details
  8. Procedures & Notes

General Special Provisions

ProvisionRevision Date
1-00 GeneralJanuary 2017
1-01 Definitions and TermsJanuary 2017
1-05 Control of WorkJanuary 2017

Street Special Provisions

ProvisionRevision Date

5-05 Cement Concrete Pavement

January 2017
Concrete Mix Design FormJanuary 2017

Storm Special Provisions

ProvisionRevision Date
7-04 Storm SewersJanuary 2017
7-07 Cleaning Existing Drainage StructuresJanuary 2017
7-08 General Pipe Installation RequirementsJanuary 2017
9-05 Drainage Structures, Culverts, and ConduitsAugust 2018

Water Special Provisions

ProvisionRevision Date
1-11 General Construction RequirementsJanuary 2017
2-07 WateringJanuary 2017
7-09 Water MainsJanuary 2017
7-10 Trench Exc., Bedding, and Backfill for Water MainsMarch 2018
7-11 Pipe Installation for Water MainsMarch 2018
7-12 Valves for Water MainsMarch 2018
7-14 HydrantsMarch 2018
7-15 Service ConnectionsMarch 2018
9-30 Water Distribution MaterialsMarch 2018

Sewer Special Provisions

ProvisionRevision Date
7-17 Sanitary SewersMarch 2018

Traffic Special Provisions

ProvisionRevision Date
In accordance with Washington State Department of Transportation Standard Specifications for Road, Bridge, and Municipal Construction 2016January 2017

Erosion Control Special Provisions

ProvisionRevision Date
Longview Stormwater ManualN/A
  • Section17.80.096.030 – Recommended Standard Notes for Erosion Control Plans
  • Section – Standard Notes for Sediment Fences