City Hall

I-5 Traffic - Coming from the North or South

Take Exit Number 36, follow State Route 432 crossing the Cowlitz River (Harry Morgan Bridge) and continue onto Tennant Way in a westerly direction into the Longview city limits.

Additional Directions

Move to the outside (right) traffic lane and on the fifth traffic light turn right onto 15th Avenue. Proceed in a northerly direction on 15th Avenue, moving to the inside (left) traffic lane some time within the next five blocks. After passing Safeway to your left and the Hudson Street signal, begin to look for City hall on your left. It is located on the southwest corner of Broadway and 15th Avenue, which is the next signal north of the Hudson street signal. 

Longview City Hall

Longview City Hall is a large brick and smoked glass two-story building. Visitor parking is available on the North side of the building. There is a driveway entrance just before the Broadway intersection.

Map of Longview