Shopping Carts

It is the primary purpose of Longview Municipal Code, Chapter 7.34 (LMC), Shopping Cart Regulation, to provide for the prompt retrieval of lost, stolen or abandoned shopping carts in order to promote public safety and improve the image and appearance of the city. It is also a purpose of this chapter to have the owners and operators of businesses providing shopping carts use the means available to them to deter, prevent or mitigate the removal of shopping carts from their business premises, and to retrieve any carts that may be removed despite these efforts.

Shopping cart image

It is a further purpose of this chapter to prevent the illegal removal of shopping carts from the business premises, to prevent the continued possession of illegally removed carts, and to prevent the accumulation of illegally removed carts on public or provide properties (Ord. 3399 § 1, 2019).

Declaration of nuisance

Retail establishments provide shopping carts for the convenience of customers shopping on the premises of the businesses. A shopping cart that has been removed from the premises of the business and left abandoned on public or private property throughout the city constitutes a public nuisance and a potential hazard to the health and safety of the public. Shopping carts abandoned on public and private property can create conditions of blight in the community, obstruct free access to sidewalks, streets and other rights-of-way, interfere with pedestrian and vehicular traffic on pathways, driveways, public and private streets, and impede emergency services. It is for these reasons that such lost, stolen, or abandoned shopping carts are hereby declared to be a public nuisance which shall be subject to abatement in the manner set forth in Chapter 7.34 (LMC), or in any other manner provided by law.

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