Data and Demographics

Compiling or updating a business plan is an undertaking. Often, numbers can help you understand your market and understand where your business should be located in order to have the best chance for success. Having this information will help you show banks and investors why your business is a good risk.

The information you require will vary, based on your business. You may find the data you need at some of these sites:

Bureau of Economic Analysis

o Personal income data

Bureau of Labor Statistics

o Labor force, employment, wage and inflation data

Census Bureau

o Demographic and economic data

The Conference Board

o Economic indicators


o Portal to information on a wide variety of topics

Local Employment Dynamics

o Information on changes in the labor force

Melissa Data

o Over 30 databases with a variety of information

Puget Sound Regional Council

o Demographic data for Puget Sound

State and County Profiles

o Comparisons of data for each US county

WA State Employment Security Department

o Workforce data

WA State Department of Revenue Statistics

o Retail sales data

WA State Office of Financial Management

o Estimates and projections