Letter 18 - We See You


Letter from the Director

We see you and you are doing it right…
To the mom |
pushing a stroller with another kid riding behind on a bike, while jogging around the lake
We salute you…
To the father |
who brings his children to help volunteer with our park projects
We salute you…
To the grandfather |
who stops to read one of the arboretum tree plaques to their grandchild
We salute you…
To the older sibling |
pushing their giggling little brother on a swing
We salute you…
To the man |
who walked by a piece of trash then stopped, turned around, grabbed it, and put it in the nearby garbage can
We salute you…
To the family |
who chooses to spend their evenings having dinner and playing in the park
We salute you…
We see all of you and we salute you.
It’s the little things, the smallest actions, the day in and day out positive habits that we appreciate most as a parks and recreation department.  These tiny moments, that are part of your ordinary day, which makes us most grateful.
Teaching your children healthy habits, getting involved in giving back to the community, providing knowledge about the area we live in, taking pride in our park system, creating daily and lifelong memories – we applaud you.
These things may not seem like much to you, but they are a really big deal to us. 
When you add up all the little “good things”, it becomes part of the larger picture and a brighter future.  The more positive use we get in the parks, the better off our parks will be.  We want to thank you for doing your part, no matter how small, because it does makes a difference.
You are doing it right! So keep up the good work, because we see you and we salute you!