Letter 25 - Being Contagious




You are contagious… so am I…. actually we all are

What does that actually mean?  Contagious is the spread of something from one person to another either by direct or indirect contact and likely spread to and affect others.

We are finding out in real time just how contagious things can be… you can hop online and see visually on a world map how fast things can spread globally with the click of a button.

Being “someone” who is contagious right now is terrifying – the last thing in the world you want is to the person who spreads disease to your friends and loved ones. 

BUT THE WORLDS NEEDS YOU TO BE CONTAGIOUS….the right way. Not all things that are contagious are bad… actually we could all use to be infected with some good right about now. 

So what else in considered “transmittable”?

Your attitude is easily contagious.  How you speak and handle yourself in our current situation – kids are home, parents are off work, we are away from our friends and family – at the end of all of this, did you consider this an obstacle or an opportunity.  You get to choose how you “infect” your family.

Your positivity can flow from one person to another.  Your ability to see something good even in the worst situations (because goodness knows we are there right now) allows others to do the same.  Your outlook will “infect” theirs.

Your smile is easily spread from one person to another.  Take a walk outside, smile and wave at a neighbor or fellow park goer and watch their face light up.  Smiling is not only nice, but it actually feels good to do it.  We need things that make us feel better right now.  Smiles a free, endless, and can be given by everyone – use them frequently and everywhere, especially right now. This is your opportunity to “infect” your community.

Just think when you “contaminate” you family, friends, and community with a positive friendly attitude they become contagious and it can spread.

Our thoughts, our ideas, our feelings, and our actions have been and will always be contagious…. Make whatever you putting out to the world worth catching.
Jennifer Wills, Parks and Recreation Director