Letter 22 - Letter to My Future Self

Letter to My Future Self

- Parks & Recreation Director, Jennifer Wills

Dear Future Self,

I am writing to you from your desk on December 6, 2019. I never thought 2020 would actually get here. That magical year from your younger self where we would be flying around in cars like the Jetsons and the world would look drastically different. The world does look different, but not in the ways we had dreamed about. Some of those changes have been good, like medical advancements and technology, and some not so good, like increasingly fast-paced stressful lives.

I wanted to let you know, that 2020 is going to be an amazing year. You will have successes, failures, and many moments in between. You will make memories, meet new people, create new partnerships, and help provide for a healthy community. Time will fly… for some reason it feels like each year it’s picking up speed.

On December 31, 2019, stop and take a moment to reflect. 2019 was crazy year; our team took on a management of a golf course, countless enrichment programs and epic community events, playground installations, and park projects. Our small but mighty team has spent this past year working tirelessly to create amazing opportunities for those in Longview and those who visit. You are part of an incredible team that has made the quality of life better for our community and you should be very proud.

Now I ask you to visualize what 2020 will look like. Create in your mind what a successful year looks like. Imagine completing all that you want to do and being surrounded by positive people looking to make an impact in our world. Now think about the tough days, the difficult times, and prepare by imaging facing those trying moments with patience, grace, and an open mind. 2020 won’t be perfect, but it will be wonderful.

Be very excited.

It’s not going to be easy; nothing is easy when you are trying to grow and improve – its actually downright messy at times. We will stumble, have setbacks, and wish we could have done more for our little town. Don’t worry so much about that, we will be successful in our endeavors to make Longview a happier, healthier, and more playful place to be. Everything our team does has that goal in mind, and that’s how you’ll know we are headed in the right direction.

You will have days that you will get frustrated, you know this from past years. Things might not progress at the speed you like, projects may not turn out as planned, or one thoughtless unkind act will make you wonder if it’s all worth it – Don’t Give Up. Remind our team that we are here for the greater good, the people who do care (and there are a lot of them), and a City poised for greatness.
It… is… all… worth… it, and it always will be.

You will have days where your cheeks hurt from smiling and your heart is bursting with joy!…. Watching children learn the game of golf in our First Tee program, seeing families enjoying time together at community events, hearing about someone completing their first 5k, high-fiving a child as they catch their first fish, watching the seasons transform the lake into the crown jewel that it is. We are helping create these memories, we are an integral part of our community, and we are making a difference.

2020 is going to be fantastic. I promise we will have enough time to make an impact and make our community better, so stop stressing so much about it. You miss the fun when you stress. Be open to new opportunities, seek out those who want to be involved, ask people to join our mission, and solicit for feedback and truly listen.

Enjoy it, all of it - each and every day of next year, because no matter what, there is something good happening if you take the time to look.  We will grow, we will learn new things, and we will improve all for the betterment of our little town.

Get ready, because this is going to be a whole lot of fun!
- Past Self