Letter 26 - The Next Best Thing


We wish we could go back to “normal”…. We all do

We wish we could hold our classes in person.
We wish we could host your events at our facilities.
We wish we could play with your kids at after school.
We wish we could watch you come down the 18th green.
We wish we could have celebrated Arbor Day and Earth Day with you.
We wish we could have enjoyed our first softball tournaments with you.
We wish we could have provided all of this for you and more…

We miss the sights and sounds of kids running around a gym, laughter of people as they learn to dance or new skill, the crack of a ball hitting a bat and the crowd roaring, golfing groups hooting and hollering over a hole in one, hosting your weddings and family reunions, children and parents shrieking with excitement over catching a first fish…

We miss you, all of you.

We are proud to provide you with trails and open space during these trying times, we understand how essential those outdoor opportunities are to you and your family’s physical and emotional health. We also want to give you all the experiences, memories, and opportunities that we always have, and we can’t right now….

BUT, that doesn’t mean we can’t give you the next best thing… lots of new best things…. And we’ve already been hard at work!

We have an amazing group of over 100 people taking part in our Virtual 50K Challenge.
We’ve had Facebook Live Arbor Day tree celebrations and interviews with our wonderful special event partners. We’ve had science experiments, yoga classes, dance classes, contests, virtual tours, and wide array of incredible content available at your finger tips brought to you by our marvelous staff who are working hard to bring you #TheNextBestThing.

Coming up in May we will be hosting many of our classes on Zoom so that you can still take part in our amazing programs with our fantastic instructors – fitness, music, etc… get excited… really excited!!!

When we can- we will all be back together in person. But until that time, we can still be here for each other, learning and laughing together. We need now more than ever that community and human connection. We have been and always will be a community that cares for each other and that’s how we will get through this – supporting each other, our local businesses, our instructors, our area as a whole.

In this crazy time when you need your community to lean on, we are here for you!