Complete Streets

Complete Street means a street that is designed to be safe and accessible for all users, including but not limited to: motorists, motorcyclists, bicyclists, transit riders and vehicles, school buses and riders, freight vehicles, emergency service providers, and pedestrians of all ages and abilities.

An advisory committee was established in 2019 to tackle this work. The purpose of the Complete Streets Advisory Committee is to assist and advise the City of Longview regarding complete streets elements, transportation system plans and design criteria, and when otherwise needed to fulfill the goals of complete streets. The work of the Complete Streets Advisory Committee does not replace other City of Longview outreach or public involvement efforts. City staff will include the committee’s input in its decision making process. Final decisions will reside with staff and city council. The members of the Committee should be representative of various transportation system users and facets of the community such as motorists, bicycling, motorcycling, walking, the disabled community, public transit, and the business community.

Ordinance 3413 

Chair:  Morgan Palmer, Engineer

Members:  Matthew Carnahan, Clark Carroll, Trey Davis, Dave Fine, Elizabeth Stratton,  George Winn

Council Liaison: Ruth Kendall

Staff: Ken Hash, Public Works Director; Karl Enyeart, Engineer; Sam Barham, Engineer, Nancy Vandehey, Administrative Assistant


Meetings:  Fourth Tuesday of each Monday at 4:00 pm.