Longview Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan

In 2021, the Complete Streets Advisory Committee began developing a Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan. The first of its kind for Longview, this Master Plan details how the Complete Streets vision will be implemented. Read below to learn about the public process, view the online open house Story Map, or download a copy of the plan for your review. 


Collaborative Process

The Master Plan was developed through a collaborative, public process. Beginning in early 2021, a team consisting of Complete Streets Advisory Committee members, other residents and volunteers, and City staff drafted the Plan from scratch. The drafting team used other cities’ master plans for inspiration and guidance on important components of a successful bicycle and pedestrian plan.

Instead of hiring an external consultant to dictate their values on the City, the team of volunteers all contributed their experiences walking and biking around Longview. Many contributors also called on memories and knowledge of other cities that have exceptional infrastructure for pedestrians and bicyclists.  The draft Plan is a true mosaic of the community’s values and experiences and this lends to its strength.

The public process also includes other opportunities for the broader community to provide input. The City developed virtual and in-person open houses for the public to learn about and provide comments on the elements of the Master Plan. The City Council also held public meetings to solicit feedback from the broader community and discuss adoption of the plan. Read more below about these opportunities.

Virtual Open House

The City developed an interactive story map to act as a virtual open house for the Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan. This online tool summarizes the chapters of the Master Plan, provides interactive maps and diagrams, and includes a survey for the community to provide comments to the City. Click the link below to visit the online Story Map.

(LINK to STORY MAP coming soon)

In-person Open House

The City will be scheduling an in-person open house to allow for other community members to learn more about the plan. The date is still to-be-determined.

Draft Document

Click the link to view a PDF of the draft document. This draft is subject to change once feedback from the virtual and in-person open-house is incorporated.