Accessory Dwelling Units code update process

The Longview Planning Commission is engaged in an update to the zoning laws for Accessory Dwelling Units. The link below will open a website dedicated to this update process. You will find the draft code, a short survey, frequently asked questions and helpful explanations in the site.  Accessory Dwelling Units code update website


Notice of Special Meeting start time

Longview Planning Commission meeting

April 6

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Planning Commission of the City of Longview Washington will hold an Open House starting at 4:30 pm- 6:30pm and then conduct a public hearing, at Longview City Hall, 1525 Broadway Street, and on the virtual meeting platform Zoom (online or phone-in), beginning at 7:00 pm, Wednesday, April 6, 2022  to consider the following:

 [Details for joining a virtual meeting will be published with an online agenda before the meeting. Visit under ‘Agendas & Minutes’. Public comment can be submitted in advance to  Please contact the City Clerk’s Office at 360-442-5041 for virtual meeting accessibility information.]  

Proposal:             A non-project action by the City of Longview to amend the zoning code Title 19, LMC 19.22.020 Accessory Dwelling Units, to remove lot size restrictions for detached accessory dwelling units, to require privacy measures for detached accessory dwelling units and revise several standards and restrictions for attached and detached accessory dwelling units.

You are invited to attend the Accessory Dwelling Unit Open House starting at 4:30 pm-6:30 pm upstairs in Longview City Hall, hosted by planning staff. You are invited public hearing in person or virtually to express your position regarding this proposal.  Written comments should be directed to Adam Trimble, Planning Manager, P.O. Box 128, Longview, Washington 98632.  Written comments must be received prior to the date and time of the public hearing.  Mr. Trimble’s phone number is (360) 442-5092 and his email address is

Notice of Determination of Non-significance: As lead agency under the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA), the City of Longview Community Development Department has issued a Determination of Non-significance (DNS) per the State Environmental Policy Act Rules (Chapter 197-11 WAC) for the above proposal on March 25, 2022. Copies of the notice, environmental checklist, and other application materials supporting this determination are on file with the Community Development Department, and are available for public review at this location  or can be mailed by request. The public has a right to submit written comments concerning the proposal’s environmental impacts. Written comments need to be submitted no later than 6:00 p.m. on April 8, 2022 at the Community Development Department [PO Box 128], Longview, WA  98632 or to

 Adam Trimble, Planning Manager