Project Highlights - SR432/California Way Intersection Improvements

SR432-CalWay Final
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The Project 

The goal of the SR432/ California Way Intersection project is to improve traffic and freight flow for all movements through the intersection and reduce travel time. 

The SR432/ SR411 on-ramp and off-ramp Interchange improvements were completed in 2021. 

The SR432/ California Way Intersection project scope includes a geometric realignment of SR432 from the railroad crossing to California Way Intersection and provides for: 

  • Widening of the travel lanes to 14 feet
  • Widening of the west leg at SR432 / California Way intersection to provide more separation between the westbound movement and eastbound left-turn lane
  • Added westbound through lane at SR432 / E. Industrial Way to provide additional queueing capacity for the westbound through lane at SR432/ California Way Intersection 
  • Replacement of the existing traffic signal and illumination system 
  • Improved signal timing and phasing of the intersections 
  • Pavement overlay and striping 

Project Funding

The project is funded through the 2019/2020 National Highway Freight Program Federal Funding as part of the two-phase improvements of the SR432 Corridor at two locations SR432/ SR411 on-ramp and off-ramp Interchange and SR432/ California Way intersection. The City received $5.3M in funding for these improvements. 

Project Update

The construction of the project was awarded to Advanced Excavating Specialist, LLC from Kelso, Wa. The contractor started construction on March 14, 2022, with project completion scheduled for August 31, 2022.

Contractor is scheduled to complete the grinding of the existing pavement and overlay the roadway in June. 

SR432 looking west

SR432 looking east

SR432 CA Way windmill blade