Project Highlights - 46th Avenue Reconstruction

46th Ave Vicinity

46th Ave section

The Project

The main focus of the 46th Avenue, Ocean Beach Hwy (SR4) to Olympia Way project is to provide a safe route to school for children walking and riding bikes to and from Robert Gray Elementary that are currently forced to travel with vehicles in the narrow roadway or through open ditches and front yards.  

The project will improve a non-standard 20-feet wide street collector with no sidewalks or shoulder facilities to a current Complete Street Design roadway.  The project will construct subgrade improvements, new asphalt pavement, stormwater facilities, sidewalks and bike lanes on both sides, curb, standard ADA complaint driveway approaches, and provide parking in commercial zone.   The project will also replace a structurally deficient bridge with a new concrete box culvert, install a larger water main, new water service lines, provide a structural liner on an existing sewer main, and new sewer lateral.

Project Funding

This project is funded through the 2019 State Transportation Improvement Board grant (TIB) $3.1M, 2019 Federal Surface Transportation Block Grant Program (STBGP) $0.7M, 2022 Federal STBGP increased obligation $0.5M, and City’s Water & Sewer Capital Improvement Program (CIP) $1.1M.   Total funding for this project is $5.4M.

2023_01_23_46th Ave Open House46th Ave – Ocean Beach Hwy to Olympia Way
Come and listen to the impacts of construction for 46th Avenue.
 When will construction start?
 What will construction look like?
 How may traffic patterns be changed?
These and many more questions will be answered.
Monday, January 23rd from 3:30 pm to 6:30 pm
City Hall – 1525 Broadway – 2nd Floor Training Room
Questions? Call 360.442.5224 or email

Project Update

October 2022

  • The project is 100% designed.
  • Right of Way and Easement Purchase 100% complete.
  • Project to bid by October 2022.
  • Project to be constructed in 2023.