Project Highlights - California Way Rehabilitation

Project Highlights - Cali Way Vicinity

The Project

California Way Rehabilitation will repair, replace and improve City streets and underground utility infrastructure. The project focuses on the intersection of California Way and Baltimore/11th Avenue and the 600 block of California Way (from 7th Ave to Industrial Way) The project will;

  • Replace aging water main under the intersection
  • Bring the crosswalks and curb ramps at the intersection into ADA compliance
  • Replace and upgrade the traffic signal at the intersection
  • Repave the intersection as well as the 600 block of California Way
  • Re-stripe the intersection and the 600 block, including new bike lanes in accordance with the City of Longview Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan, 2022.

Project Funding

The water main replacement is funded by the City of Longview Water Enterprise Fund. All other work is funded by the Transportation Benefit District (Longview Municipal Ordinance No. 3334)


Project Update

Replacement water main is complete and in service. This water main is 2 inches larger than the old line to provide for greater capacity to serve our water customers. It replaces a line that was originally placed in service over 60 years ago. The line was replaced now, along with the road work, to avoid cutting through the fresh road asphalt for waterline maintenance or repair.

The next steps in the project involve pedestrian and vehicular street improvements. The top two inches of asphalt have been ground out and a fresh two inches of asphalt will be placed on September 22 and 23. Like sliding one’s foot on top of an area rug, the braking and turning forces of vehicles can ‘shove’ asphalt into wrinkles. The City will be using a higher grade of oil in the replacement asphalt to help prevent this.

Note: schedule may change without notice.

August 15, 2022: Project work begins

August 17, 2022: Water main replacement begins. Traffic control is in place. Through traffic is encouraged to utilize alternate routes

Early September: Replace sidewalks and curb ramps

Mid September: Remove old asphalt. Replace with new asphalt.

Late September: Stripe new pavement. Replace select traffic signal components.




 Water main replacement at the intersection of California Way and Baltimore/11th continues through the month of August. Work hours are 7am to 5pm weekdays.

 Temporary, alternating full closures will take place of both 11th Avenue and California Way at the intersection. Signed detours are in place.

 Motorists are advised to use alternate routes.