City of Longview Zoning and Electrical Code updates

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City of Longview Zoning and Electrical Code updates

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All items are non-project actions. The items in this SEPA Checklist are local ordinance changes. The first ordinance change is to amend the City’s Zoning Code for requirements on hard surfaces for residential parking to reduce the requirement to 50 feet. The second ordinance change is to amend the City’s Zoning Code for document recording standards. Mylar material is no longer required by the Cowlitz County Auditor’s office for recording, and the City of Longview is updating the Zoning Code to reflect that for the recording of Short Plat Subdvisions and Boundary Line Adjustments. The third ordinance change is to include a footnote in the use table for commercial and industrial zones that allows Mini-storage to use maximum 50’ of frontage on Ocean Beach Highway and must be set back 100’ feet from the Ocean Beach Highway unless accessory to another permitted use in the zone. The fourth ordinance change is to permit electric security devices in Longview City limits. A requirement that the electric security device be used in certain zones is to be determined by the public hearing process.

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Other identifying information: A nonproject proposal for the entirety of Longview City Limits.

McAllister Kosar for City of Longview

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PO Box 128
Longview, WA 98632
Phone 360-442-5083


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