Library Mission


Educate minds. Empower people. Enrich lives. Encourage life-long learning. Enhance connection.


Offer a welcoming destination that encourages people and ideas to come together. Nurture a joy of reading and discovery by meeting the needs and interests of our diverse community. Celebrate the history of Longview while embracing the future.


Access, Diversity & Equity

We ensure all people have free and equal access to information and library spaces.

We create collections and programs that represent diverse experiences and viewpoints.


We maintain a library that is safe, welcoming, and responsive to community needs.

We provide excellent service that is confidential, nonjudgmental, and nonpartisan.


We create collections that entertain and allow for serendipity.

We create programs that introduce new connections, idea, and resources.


We actively facilitate and promote literacy and life-long learning.

We are a partner in community efforts to improve educational outcomes.