For Educators & Caregivers


The Longview Public Library aims to meet the needs of educators by providing a range of resources to enrich the learning experience of individual students, improving their information search strategies and developing a lifelong love of reading and learning. Special services to teachers include:

Assignment Alerts

Planning a research assignment that will encourage student use of the public library? Let us know, and we will do our best to meet your needs! With advance notice, we can even prepare bibliographies and "pathfinders" to a variety of resources on a specific topic!

Class Visits

We provide opportunities for classes to visit the library. Class visits include: Orientation tours, a general overview on what the public library has to offer; Instructional tours with emphasis on how to use library print and online resources (with or without a subject emphasis); Behind-the-scenes tours that show the variety of library careers and the process of getting new items on the shelf; Special audience tours; and programs that review our resources and services, demonstrating storytelling techniques, and book-talking to spark interest in reading. If you would like to arrange a class visit to the library, or a librarian visit to your class, please contact us via email or call 360-442-5323.

School Librarians

School librarians who live outside of the Longview School District may be eligible for a free "Professional Courtesy Card"; email the library for more information.


Theme BoxesTheme Boxes

Our Theme Boxes, with combinations of books, manipulatives and ideas for crafts and activities are focused on themes such as shapes, colors, and numbers. Search the catalog using a Subject search (either Browse or Keyword) with the words "Theme Box" to see what we have.

Parenting SectionParenting Collection

Our Parenting Collection, located on the lower level in the Children's Department, contains books, magazines, and other resources with ideas for activities and early childhood learning. We also have books dealing with difficult subjects (death, divorce, disabilities, etc.) for kids and adults.

The library would love to have your kids come for a visit or special storytime.