Recent Planning Code Updates

2023 Longview Municipal Code (LMC) Chapter 19 Zoning Code Updates
  • Cottage Housing Ordinance LMC 19.23 
  • Permitting Multifamily in the Mixed-Use Commercial/Industrial (MUCI) Zone 19.58.020-1 (Ordinance 3503) 
  • Allowing Reduced driveways to accessory buildings in residential areas 19.78.030 (Ordinance 3487)
  • Revising the material Boundary Line Adjustment (BLA) & Short Plat maps can be recorded on 19.67 & 19.68 (Ordinance 3480)
  • Several Annexations, Rezones, and Comprehensive Plan Map Amendments

An example of Cottage Housing, not exact LMC 19.23 standards

Components of Cottage Housing Dev

Where Cottage Housing is on the Density Continuum

Middle Housing Spectrum

Cottage Housing without Subdivision (Lease or Rent)

Cottage Housing example6

Higher Density Zoning form of Cottage Housing Development

Cottage Housing example4