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B & O Tax Desk
Phone: 360-442-5040

Business tax questions
Business License Desk
Phone: 360-442-5040

City business licensing regulations
City of Kelso
Phone: 360-423-0900
Link: City of Kelso Website
Kelso city business license questions
Community Development Department
Phone: 360-442-5086
Link: Community Development Page
Zoning and building permits.
Fire Marshal
Phone: 360-442-5088
Questions on life safety permits
IRS Business Tax Kit
Link: IRS Business Tax Kit Website
Federal ID numbers, federal taxes, social security regulations, and unemployment taxes

Questions Phone Number: 800-829-4933
Small Business Administration
Phone: 503-326-2682
Link: Small Business Administration Website
Loan opportunities and federal regulations
State Department of Labor and Industries
Phone: 360-575-6900
Link: State Department of Labor and Industries Website
Construction contractor licensing
State Department of Revenue
Phone: 800-647-7706
Link: State Department of Revenue Website
Sales tax questions
State Licensing Department
Phone: 800-237-1233
Link: State Licensing Department Website
Information on obtaining a State master business license; also for questions on professional and regulatory licensing

Additional Phone Number: 360-664-1400
1 - 10 of 10 Listings