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Posted on: September 30, 2019

The City of Longview Urban Forestry Division begins taking applications for street tree removal

The City of Longview Urban Forestry Division will begin taking applications submitted by property owners for removal of street trees on the Urban Forest Management “Prohibited Trees” list. The removal program will permit up to 30 approved Tree Removal and Replacement Applications. Applicants must be the property owner or have approval in writing from the property owner allowing for the removal and submit property owner approval and contact information along with the application. Trees eligible for removal must be one of the species identified on the City of Longview’s “Prohibited Trees” list in the Urban Forest Management Plan. The policy is a one to one removal and replacement program in order to create a neutral effect on the urban forest population.

Trees approved for removal under this policy:

Poplar, Conifers, Mulberry, Sycamore, Weeping Willow, Box Elder, Ginko (Female), Flowering Plum, Cottonwood, Catalpa, Hawthorn, 

Crabapple,  Kwansan Cherry, Birch,Horse Chestnut, Sweet Gum

Trees approved for removal under this policy:

The restriction on the number of property owner requested removals allows the tree crew to continue to maintain the health of the urban forest through required maintenance and other removals and replacements. Once all 30 approved removal requests have been granted, property owners will need to reapply the following January.

Trees will be removed within one calendar year from date of application. Trees causing hardscape damage will receive priority scheduling and healthy trees will be slated for removal within regular staff workload.

If the property owner application is accepted under the removal plan, the cost to replace the removal is $300. More information and the tree removal application can be found under the Parks Tab on the City’s website under the Urban Forest Program tab or contact the Urban Forest Manager at 442.5421.

Click here for Tree Removal and Replacement Application

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