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Posted on: February 11, 2020

Improper Recreational Vehicle Occupancy

The City of Longview would like to remind residents that the occupancy of a recreational vehicle is a regulated activity within the city limits.  The occupancy of a recreational vehicle (trailers, motor homes, campers, vans, etc.) is limited to designated areas that include permitted trailer parks and at a facility licensed by the state of Washington providing medical services for end of life care (see conditions below).

In many cases, recreational vehicles are being placed upon property in residential neighborhoods effectively creating another dwelling unit that would likely result in a violation of the zoning code. Additionally, the Department of Housing and Urban Development has determined that recreational vehicles “are designed for recreational, camping, travel or seasonal use.” The Longview Municipal Code 7.28.020 addresses RV occupancy:

 Location limited to designated areas – Exceptions. 

It is hereafter unlawful for any person or persons to occupy a trailer house or independent mobile home or other temporary movable place of abode in the city except in trailer parks within areas permitted by LMC Title 19, except for the following:

(1) Where such occupancy constitutes a nonconforming use under Chapter 19.75 LMC; or (2) When permitted in conjunction with a special event as provided in Chapter 7.40 LMC; or (3) When approved by the director of community development for temporary siting (seven days or less) of a licensed recreational vehicle at a facility licensed by the state of Washington providing medical services for end of life care, subject to the following conditions: (a) Temporary siting and occupancy shall be for the purpose of allowing family member support for patients receiving end of life care. (b) Placement shall not occur within a required front yard zoning setback area. (c) Placement shall be on an approved hard surface with approved hard surface street access.  Longview Municipal Code 7.28.020

Questions regarding recreational vehicles located upon private property may be directed to the Community Development Department at 442-5093 Monday through Thursday between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m.  

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