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Posted on: March 23, 2020

Let’s talk Carbon Monoxide Alarms.

In January of 2013 it was mandated that all new residences, apartments, condos and single-family residences have Carbon Monoxide alarms. The generation of alarms that were installed during this time had a 7-year life span. As a result, we are getting a lot of calls to us and 911 saying that the CO alarm is going off.

Before this happens to you, get to know your alarm.

Take your alarm off the wall and look at the back. There should be a date, if the date is before 2013, it is time to replace it (new ones are now made to last 10 years).

On the back there will be instructions of what the different beeps or chirps mean.

Your alarm should have a test button. Press that button and find out what the alarm sounds like if it detects CO in your home.

Go to the manufacturers’ website and look up your alarm and instruction manual. The most common alarms are First Alert and Kidde

If you fear that you have CO in your home EVACUATE and CALL 9-1-1.

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