Until how long is the groundwater supply expected to last?

Our testing indicates there is an abundant supply of water available from the aquifer which will ensure a safe and sustainable water supply for years to come.

In the fall of 2009, we constructed and pumped a test production well continuously at a rate of 5.5 million gallons per day for 36 days. While it is typical to pump a test well for only a few days, we pumped for an extended period of time to capture any changes in groundwater quality caused by pumping and confirm the viability of the aquifer as our municipal water supply. Using our network of 17 monitoring wells in and around the Mint Farm, along with sampling from other water sources, we collected and analyzed water quality and flow data.

Our test pumping showed very little effect on the aquifer, and that it recharged continuously during our pumping. We are confident the aquifer will easily meet our needs and remain sustainable when we begin pumping 10 to 20 million gallons per day from the aquifer.

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