How long will my plan review take?

In general:  Residential plans can take up to 4 weeks for review and Commercial plans can take up to 5 weeks. These timeframes assume that the initial submittal is perfect and requires no resubmittals, revisions, or additional materials. Depending on the project complexity, whether or not the project requires SEPA or other planning clearances, the timeframe may be extended. 

The best way to estimate review time and ensure you are submitting a complete package is to reach out to our office. In most cases, we can put together a checklist of submittal materials to help guide you toward a perfect submittal and faster processing times. For more complex developments, we may suggest having a pre-application meeting with all of our reviewers and planning staff to go over submittal requirements, plan feasibility considerations, and give you a realistic idea of your processing timeframe. 

We have some pre-configured checklists here:

And some helpful guides for other projects:

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1. How long will my plan review take?