What do I do if something is lost or damaged?

Lost and damaged items should be reported to the library as quickly as possible. Lost material charges are based on the cost of replacing the item and for processing the material for circulation when it is replaced. Charges for damaged items are assessed based on the nature of the damage and whether or not the material can be mended and put back into circulation. For questions about lost and damaged materials, call 360-442-5317 or email the library.

The library urges patrons to handle materials carefully and return them on time. You are responsible for any material checked out on your card and should not loan your card to others.

Please keep DVDs and CDs in their containers when not in use. A frequent problem for the library involves media items returned in the wrong case or without the inserts. Help us preserve materials so others can use them. Help keep library costs down by returning materials on time and in the condition in which you received them.

Note: If you discover an item is damaged after you have checked it out, please notify the library as soon as you notice the problem.

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2. What do I do if something is lost or damaged?