How can I get involved with the comprehensive plan?

Broad public outreach and participation are an important part of “getting it right” when a city develops or reevaluates its comprehensive plan. The City of Longview will be working with community members and its Planning Commission and City Council throughout the remainder of 2017 to complete the update that was started in 2015. We invite you to take a look at the following background information that was prepared for the Planning Commission as part of the update process:

Chapters of the Old 2006 Plan

View chapters of the current comprehensive plan, which was adopted in December 2006:

Comprehensive Plan - December 2006

Ordinance Number 3244 (PDF) - Amending Comprehensive Plan policies regarding annexation - April 2013

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1. What's a comprehensive plan?
2. What’s required for a comprehensive plan?
3. Why is the City updating the comprehensive plan?
4. How can I get involved with the comprehensive plan?