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Longview City Council Application

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  2. Longview City Council Application

    If you have any issues with this online application or have additional questions, please call the Executive Office at 360.442.5004.

    NOTE:  This Application, and all materials submitted with it, will be considered a public record and will be disclosed if subject to a public records request.

  3. Are you over the age of 18?*
  4. Have you lived within the city limits for at least one year?*
  5. Are you a registered voter?*
  6. Availability (please check all that apply):
  7. Monday
  8. Tuesday
  9. Wednesday
  10. Thursday
  11. Friday
  12. Saturday
  13. I understand that members of City Council are expected to abide by the City of Longview Municipal Code, Washington State Open Public Meetings Act, and the Appearance of Fairness Doctrine.*

    If you are unfamiliar with these documents, a copy can be provided by the Executive Office.

  14. I hereby certify that the information stated is true.*
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